About Us

The International Society for Oral Care (ISOC) is a group of professionals dedicated to the promotion of health, the prevention of disease, and the promotion of supportive treatment of disease through oral care, for people around the world.

Participants   Who are invited to join ISOC?
We invite professionals in the field(s);
    – directly related to oral care: medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, nursing, dental hygiene, speech-language pathology, etc.
    – in which the importance of oral care is being reassessed: nutrition, social welfare, etc.
    – of veterinary medicine.”
Origin  When and why was ISOC established?
ISOC was established in April 2020, with Japanese Society of Oral Care (JSOC) as the parent organization, aiming to expand the knowledge on oral care across the world with JSOC as secretariat office. We hope to contribute to the promotion of people’s health all around the world and to the promotion of friendship and goodwill between countries through oral care.
Mission  What is our goal?
1) What is the goal of ISOC?

Our goal is to promote health, prevent diseases, and promote supportive treatment for disease through oral care. To this end, we promote the exchange of information and encourage joint research. We will support not only the people all around the world but also the animals involved in human affairs.

The Society’s motto is ‘equality, respect and integrity.’ We provide helpful information without distinction of country, profession or race.

2) What will we do to achieve our goals?

    – We will work to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, the novel coronavirus infection. We will also work to prevent the disease from getting serious. To this end, we will send message that “gargling, hand washing, and oral care help prevent the spread of flu and colds” to the world through our members.
    – We will support cancer treatment by conducting intensive oral care that prepares patients for anti-cancer chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, as well as oral care that mitigates the damage caused by those treatments.
    – We will strive to prevent dementia and aspiration pneumonia with oral care.
We declare that:
      – ISOC treat the whole body from an oral science perspective.
      – ISOC contribute to the promotion of health, prevention of disease and promotion of supportive treatment for disease through oral care.
      – ISOC share with the world the knowledge and findings relating oral care.
      – ISOC use all its resources to fight oral infectious diseases .
      – ISOC also advance the good will and relationships between nations.

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