Join Us

ISOC has a unique membership policy.

  1. For the time being, the membership is free of charge so that the people anywhere in the world and students can join us easily.

  2. The International Society of Oral Care will also solicit donations from supporters such as private companies, hospitals and clinics to appropriate the operating expenses. However, in order to ensure the quality of services for the members, the Japanese Society of Oral Care will bear the expenses related to the basic secretarial operations for the time being.

  3. International members who reside OUTSIDE Japan are eligible to access our annual meetings via the Internet from anywhere in the world for free of charge. The overseas members can also present posters (electronic version) and post abstracts on our online journal (ISOC Transactions Online) for free. Note that the annual meeting participation fee is charged on Japan-residential members to compensate the expenses of holding the meeting.

  4. If in the future, an international member who resides outside Japan hosts a meeting in his/her own country, all expenses incurred by hosting the meeting shall be borne by the persons concerned in the host country. When a member comes to Japan to attend a meeting we host, the expenses shall be totally borne by the participant.

  5. If a member wishes to give an oral presentation on site at the meeting, the regular participation fee will be charged. The transportation and the expenses associated with participation and presentation shall be at the member’s own expense. Pre-recorded oral presentations or poster presentations from the member’s own country via the Internet may be accepted, and in such cases, the participation fee will not be charged.

  6. Excellent oral and poster presentations will be commended at the meeting, and the presenter will be requested to write a full paper to be published in The International Journal of Oral Care. In such case, the posting fee will not be charged. All the manuscripts for transaction must be submitted in advance.

  7. The acceptance of all presentations is left to the president of the hosting meeting.

Who are eligible for free membership?

All three of the following conditions must be true:

  1. My nationality is NOT Japanese.
  2. I am NOT a special permanent resident of Japan.
  3. I am in Japan at present, and my permitted period of stay is NO LONGER than three (3) month.