Japanese Society of Oral Care

What is oral care?

Oral care is science and also a variety of techniques for preventing oral diseases, maintaining / promoting health, and of oral rehabilitation, and eventually for improving QOL. Oral care includes dental examination, oral cleaning, denture attachment/detachment and care, rehabilitation for chewing/food intake/swallowing, gum/cheek massage, dietary care, removal of bad breath, and prevention of dry mouth.

What are we trying to achieve?

With patients in hospitals, and people in nursing homes and under residential care, maintaining the oral condition healthy contributes to:

  • enjoyable eating,
  • smooth communication,
  • prevention of aspiration pneumonia,
  • refreshing the feeling

and facilitates improvement of QOL. To maintain the oral condition healthy, oral care is essential.

JSOC keeps the members motivated to work on oral care. We provide opportunities and platform for professionals engaged in the fields of health care, medical care, welfare, etc. to collaborate, and to practice, conduct training, survey, research, and exchange information on oral care both on healthy and disabled people, at home or hospitalized.

What do we do to achieve our goals?

Our activities include:

  1. hosting workshops related to oral care;
  2. publishing academic journals;
  3. performing oral care certification;
  4. working on improving and devising equipment and instruments for oral care;
  5. sharing information with mailing lists, on newsletters, and so on.

We will also carry out other activities in any aspects of oral care, planned from a broad perspective.